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Basic Operation

This animation demonstrates the basic function of Grapevine: Grouping mixer sliders.

To place sliders in a group:

  1. Click on the group name
  2. Select the sliders you wish to add to that group. You may click and drag, use shift-click and/or ctrl-click to add more than one slider

To Enable or Disable a group:

  1. Double click on the group name


Multiple Groups

Here, four groups have been created, and each can be adjusted individually.

To enable/disable a group, double click the group name, or use the menu.


Overlapping groups

Sliders can belong to more than one group.

Here a new group named All is created, and all sliders are placed in this group.


Known Issues

  • Unfortunately the "Load track names from FLP" feature does not work with all FLP files.
  • Some users report issues with FL11 - Always download and test the demo version before purchasing.